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Donation for the environment

The impact of donations

In a world where consumption plays a central role, it's essential that we consumers think about the impact our purchases have on the planet and on our society. One of the simplest and most effective ways of making a difference is to make a small donation when we buy, if we can afford it. In this article, we explore three charities that work tirelessly to advance vital causes. Your donation can help support their efforts and change the world.

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Sea Shepherd - Guardians of the Oceans

Sea Shepherd is a marine non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the oceans and their biodiversity. Their courageous and determined teams lead direct campaigns to end illegal fishing, whaling, the destruction of marine habitats, and much more. Your small donation when you shop can help Sea Shepherd fund its marine and land-based operations, as well as its fleet of vessels that patrol the world's waters.

The organization is particularly well known for its direct actionusing non-violent tactics to defend endangered marine creatures. Every penny you donate contributes to the fight against ocean destruction and the protection of endangered marine species.

Canopée - For the preservation of forests

The world's forests are essential for regulating the climate, preserving biodiversity and ensuring the quality of the air we breathe. Canopy is an association that fights to preserve forests.

As the last frontier, forests are bearing the full brunt of our bulimic consumption of natural resources and energy. But all over the world, resistance is being organized.

For the forest is life. Reservoir of biodiversity, fountain of water, natural carbon sink, the forest is a source of inspiration for imagining a transition towards fairer, more sustainable societies.

Canopée defends the vision of living forests, in harmony with human societies, where the rights of those who protect them are recognized.

Canopy is a citizens' counterweight dedicated to protecting forests in France and around the world.

Their work is to monitor and document deforestation, and to advocate responsible conservation policies.

By making a small donation at the time of purchase, you contribute to Canopée's crucial mission to safeguard our planet's green lungs. Every euro counts in protecting biodiversity and combating carbon emissions from deforestation.

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Come Back Alive - Supporting Ukrainians at the Front

Come Back Alive is a humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing essential aid to Ukrainians affected by the ongoing conflict. Since 2014, Ukraine has been the scene of a deadly conflict, and Stay Alive provides medical, social and humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by this difficult situation.

Your small donation can help finance medical supplies, emergency health care, food, drinking water and much more. By supporting Stay Alive, you are helping to offer a little comfort and hope to Ukrainians living in precarious conditions as a result of the ongoing conflict.

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