Environmental impact assessment

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Environmental impact assessment

How our brand promotes responsible consumption

When choosing our clothes, it's easy to get carried away by the latest trends and fashionable styles. However, it's essential to remember that our clothing choices have an impact on the environment. As informed consumers, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and make informed choices. That's why our brand, Kanten, has partnered with Deceo and received support from Ademe to conduct an environmental impact study on several products in our collection. In this article, we explore the importance of being informed before buying clothes, the details of our study and how it can benefit our community.

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Eco-labeling: a new principle of responsibility

Fashion is changing fast, but it's time for us as a brand to do the same by integrating sustainability into our purchasing decisions. Here's why it's essential to educate yourself:

  1. Reducing environmental impact By choosing sustainably produced clothing, we help reduce the pollution, water consumption and carbon emissions associated with the fashion industry.

  2. Support for ethical practices Brands that emphasize their commitment to sustainability encourage ethical practices throughout the supply chain, guaranteeing better working conditions for employees.

  3. Long-term savings Quality clothing lasts longer, reducing the frequency with which you need to renew your wardrobe. It also means long-term savings for your wallet.

  4. Influence on the industry By choosing production methods committed to ecological transition, we encourage the fashion industry to move towards more sustainable practices.

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Example of an environmental display using the ADEME base method.

Our environmental impact study with Deceo and Ademe

At Kanten, we're determined to be at the forefront of sustainable fashion. That's why we've teamed up with Deceo, specialized in environmental analysis, and supported by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe).to carry out an exhaustive environmental impact study on several products in our collection.

This study evaluated numerous aspects, such as water consumption, carbon emissions, the use of hazardous chemicals and the durability of materials. The detailed results of this study are now available in the product data sheets on our website, providing full transparency to our community.

Here are the results we obtained :

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In detail, the savings achieved are as follows the use of materials from dormant stocks or organic cotton are extremely beneficial to the product's rating and therefore to the environment.

For in-depth results, you can consult the complete file at this address :

How to use this information for responsible purchasing

Now you have access to crucial information for making informed decisions when buying clothes. Here's how to use this data to make more responsible choices:

  1. View product sheets Before you make a purchase, take the time to browse the product sheets on our website (not all products have a score yet, but we're working on it). You'll find detailed information on the environmental impact of each item.

  2. Compare products Use this information to compare different items in our collection and choose the ones that best match your environmental values.

  3. Share knowledge Share your discoveries with friends and family. The more of us who demand transparency and sustainability, the more the fashion industry will be encouraged to change its practices.

In conclusion, buying clothes should no longer be based on aesthetics alone. It's time to make choices that reflect our concern for the environment. At Kanten, we are proud of our commitment to sustainability and transparency. With our Environmental Impact Assessment, we put the information you need in your hands to make conscious decisions while staying on the cutting edge of fashion. Join us in our quest for more environmentally-friendly fashion, and make a difference through your purchasing choices.

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