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The history of the Flupke jacket

Discover the story behind our latest creation in the Kanten collection: The Flupke jacket.

Where does the main inspiration come from?

This model is directly inspired by a traditional Japanese garment: the Hanten.

Unlike the kimonoSince the Edo period, this garment has been worn by all strata of society, not just the upper classes. It's the common denominator of a home-wearable piece that offers a certain kind of comfort and intimacy.

What are the Kanten keys?

I decided to freely draw inspiration from these characteristics and adapt it to our modern, urban wardrobe.

The jacket is comfortable to wear thanks to full-length sleeves and only side seams, giving a fluid, off-the-shoulder fit.
Traditionally, the Hanten does not close (or close with a belt). I chose to use magnets in order to keep the miniamlist aspect of the original piece, while giving it a new practical and ergonomic functionality. 

I've also added front patch pockets and two inside pockets for everyday use.

The secret detail that only our readers can know:

The shape of the jacket reminded me of a flying squirrel, so the name was apt. I decided to name this jacket Flupke because it's the name I gave to the only pet I had as a child.He was an agile, highly intelligent squirrel with whom (after taming him) I formed a very intimate bond...

Leave us a comment if this article has inspired you, with functional additions or patterns for example that you'd like to see on future versions of the Flupke jacket.

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